Process heating during colder winter months
Beat the cold: Boost your production

winter process heating solutions

Heat tracing of pipes, tanks, products & surfaces
Heating of pipes, tanks, products & surfaces

Design, manufacture, supply & installation

Solutions for plastic injection-, blow-moulding & extrusion
Tailored to plastic injection-, blow-moulding & extrusion

Heaters, Hotrunners, Sensors & Control Solutions

Direct heat transfer to water, chemicals or gases: Flanged Immersion Heaters
Direct heat transfer to water, chemicals or gases

Manufacture, refurbish & repair of Flanged Immersion Heaters.

Maintain optimum process temperatures on pipes & vessels with heat tracing
Maintain optimum process temperatures on pipes & vessels

Design & installation of Electrical & Steam Heat Tracing Systems

Temperature sensors - manufactured to specification
Accurate temperature sensing with RTD’s & Thermocouples

Custom manufactured export quality & wide range of standards

Optimise pumping, pouring & flowing in production processes
Optimise pumping, pouring & flowing in production processes

Trace Heating of oil tanks or supply lines

Heat Tracing for cold rooms & freezer doors
Unwanted build-up of ice and condensation?

Heat tracing solutions for cold rooms & freezer doors

Heaters, sensors, controllers for plastics processing
For the plastics & packaging industry

Heaters, hotrunners, sensors, control solutions.

Thermon Heat Tracing Control
Achieve meaningful energy savings

Thermon Heat Tracing Control

Steam Heat Tracing
Energy efficient, consistent results

Steam Trace: Tubing, components & compounds

Maintain optimum process temperatures
Maintain optimum process temperatures

of liquids, vessels, pipes, valves, gutters & instrument panels

Design, supply & installation: Heating of pipes, tanks, products & surfaces
Design, supply & installation

Heating of pipes, tanks, products & surfaces

process heating solutions by Thermon
Need the heat?

Boost your winter production with our process heating solutions.

Hopper Heaters
Prevent caking and clogging

Hopper Heaters

Flanged Heaters
Manufacture, refurbish & repair

Flanged Immersion Heaters

Infrared Heaters
Improve drying & curing processes

Infrared Heaters

Engineered to order

Thermal engineering, optimization & custom-designs

From trace heating & flanged heaters to elution heating systems & air heating systems for your specific application:

Our engineers are experienced industrial thermal system designs utilising various heating, temperature sensing and controlling technologies.


Thermon designs & manufactures both steam tracing & electrical heat tracing systems for the application of external heat to pipes, tanks & instrumentation.

Today, we incorporate an extensive line of heating, measurement & control components - focusing on optimising the customer’s cost of ownership & plant efficiency.


Optimisation of heating processes & custom designs.

We provide both off the shelf products as well as complete heating solutions from feasibility to installation. Heating systems can be Ex & ASME compliant.


Design, engineering, technical support.

Thermon SA engineers are accessible for consultation. Our team of technicians take care of all your repair & service requirements.

Case Study

Trace heating: Bitumen storage, pipelines & road tankers
Bitumen processing: Temperature maintenance Asphalt/ bitumen is typically stored and transported at temperatures around 150°C. At ambient temperatures, bitumen has a solid or semi-solid consistency and


Heating jacket for drums 201l
High power flexible heating jacket - ideal for heating of liquids and melting of some solids.Circumference: 1950mm, height: 270 mmThermostat limit: 0º - 90ºCNominal...


Copper mine in Zambia needs to maintain optimal viscosity of gear oils and lubricants of its fuel farm. Solution: Ex-e Immersion Heating System.


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