Beat the cold: Boost your production

Process heating: Overcome cold ambient conditions

Need the Heat?


It is common for processes to be hampered by cold or damp conditions during the winter season.

Use our industrial surface & immersion heating solutions to boost your production this winter.

Thermon SA offers the following heating solutions that could help your production processes overcome the winter challenges:

Immersion  Heaters

Flanged Immersion Heaters


Suitably heat water, gas, chemicals & thermic oils with flanged immersion heaters.
This could be of particular importance where liquid viscosity is temperature dependent - which might fluctuate significantly during these winter months.

Ensure the right process temperatures are attained and that your production operates reliably and optimally.

We manufacture flanged heaters according to certified ASME welding procedures & they can be suitable for hazardous areas.
A selection of element sheath materials are available to suit various applications.
Process control and temperature proctection can be added.
We offer complete heating system designs , assessment, repair and refurbishment services.

Heat Tracing

Electrical Heat Tracing


Don't let ambient temperatures hamper your production processes. Maintain process temperatures on pipelines, tanks and vessels in the colder winter climate

If stored or transported at undesirable temperatures, oils, chemicals & gases can change their properties, inhibiting production processes, damaging equipment like pumps, flow sensors, etc - bringing production to a halt. Heat tracing solutions can prevent this from occuring.

Thermon heating cables + control modules enable accurate temperature control of processes when ambient temperature drops. We also offer heat transfer compounds to maximize heat transfer & reduce energy consumption.


Container & Drum Heaters

Induction drum heater


Pump, pour or melt soaps, fats, oils, foodstuffs and chemicals with ease during the colder climate.

We provide efficient drum and container heating solutions for reducing the viscosity of liquids/ semi-liquids, which otherwise could hamper production processes.

Our container heaters provide even heat distribution with insulation, and are easy to fit and remove regularly.
We supply a wide array of standard drum and container heaters, for varying sizes of containers, for both hazardous and non hazardous areas.



Hopper Heaters

Hopper Heaters


Fly ash hoppers in bag houses and electrostatic precipitators experience pluggage problems due to condensation.
Aggravated by cooler ambient temperatures, the sulphurs in the flue gas combine with moisture to form sulphuric acid, corroding  the hopper walls from the inside.

Our hopper heaters are designed to keep the ash dry and free flowing, extending the lifespan of the hoppers themselves.

We offer robust hopper heaters that provide power savings with maximum heat transfer to the hopper surface.
Little or no maintenance is required.

Infrared Heating

Infrared Heating


Drying processes tend to take longer in cold or damp conditions.

Achieve faster drying or curing times & save power due to minimal heat wastage with infrared heating solutions.

Infrared emitters can be controlled quickly and precisely.
Heating is targeted, can be localised and is switched on and off by the push of a button.



Thermon SA (formerly unitemp) has over 60 years combined experience in industrial surface heating.

With the integration of temperature sensing and controlling instrumentation, we are able to offer complete heating solutions for any application across various industries.

Industrial Winter Heating



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