Thermon: The Heat Tracing Specialists

Thermon: The Heat Tracing Specialists

Electric Heat Tracing, Hopper Heaters, Steam Tracing, Heated Tubing Bundles

Thermon holds a unique position as the only international trace heating company offering both steam tracing & electrical heat tracing systems.

Since 1954, Thermon has concentrated on industrial demands for the application of external heat to pipes, tanks & instrumentation.

Today, Thermon’s vast knowledge base, the design tools available and the extensive line of trace heating products are focused on
optimizing the customer’s cost of ownership & plant efficiency.

Previously known as unitemp, we are proud to have entered a partnership with Thermon Group Holdings Inc.

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Steam Tracing

  • Single insulated copper or stainless steel process tubes
  • Ideally suited to transport steam, hot or cold liquids, gases or refrigerants
  • Heat reflective foil wrap & weatherproof outer covering.
  • Provide efficient thermal connection between the tracer and the heated object
  • Isolated Steam Tracers (SafeTrace)
  • Vessel/ Tank Heating Units (HeetSheet)
  • Efficient thermal connection between tracer & equipment
  • Options suitable for use in areas of extreme moisture and/or corrosive environments
  • Pre-formed, hardening or non-hardening compounds

Steam Tracing Solutions for every application

Steam applications range from freeze protection to maintaining temperatures close to that of the steam itself.
"Thermonized" systems also provide predictable operation and maintenance that process plants demand

  • Process Lines, Utility Piping and Equipment
  • Instruments and Analyzer Lines
  • Tank Heating

Maintain different temperatures with one steam pressure

Thermon Steam Heat Tracing SystemsThermon ThermoTube: Condensate Return LinesThermon ThermoTube: Steam Supply Thermon HeetSheet: Steam Tank Heating Thermon ThermoTube: Supply/ Return Lines Thermon SafeTrace: Isolated Tracing for Low Temperatures Thermon T-99: High Temperature Heat Transfer Compound

Steam Tracing: Contact our Consulting Engineers

Electrical Heat Tracing

  • Parallel conductors,
    even heating power (W/m)
  • Can be cut to any length
  • High chemical resistance
  • Various temperature range applications up to 210°C

  • Single resistance wire:
    Wide range of W/m
  • Factory terminated,
  • Flexible or semi-rigid (MI) heating cables
  • High temperature rating up to 500°C
  • Wide range of measuring & regulating technology
  • Accurate
  • Energy saving
  • Fast comissioning
  • User-friendly & versatile
  • Rugged, self-contained high performance heaters
  • Reliable operation on surfaces prone to vibration.
  • Heat output up to 4650W/ sqm
  • Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 423°C
  • Easy & safe connection of heat tracing cables
  • High process temperature ratings
  • Termination boxes
  • Connection kits

Solutions for all Electric Heat Tracing Needs

  • Process Lines
  • Complex Piping
  • Long Transfer Lines
  • Tank Heating
  • Vessel Heating
  • Tank Foundation Heating
  • Hopper Heating
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Flow, Level and Pressure Transmitters
  • "CEMS" Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
  • Process Analytical Sample Lines

Complete electrical heat tracing systems

Thermon Electric Heat Tracing SystemsThermon Electrical Trace Heating Components Thermon Tracenet ECM: Electronic Control Module Thermon ThermoTube: Pre-insulated tubing Thermon HT: Hopper Heater Thermon Tracer Tubing

Electrical Heat Tracing: Contact our Consulting Engineers


Thermon's Mission Statement

To enhance our customers' operations
by providing innovative and reliable heat tracing solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Thermon has a solution for all your heat tracing needs

Thermon engineers and specialists located throughout the world ensure that all factors are considered. Thermon can provide detailed design engineering, project management with project drawings and documentation, commissioning and maintenance.

Heat Tracing Systems: Project Planning & Management
Thermon design & engineering
Thermon Electrical Heat Tracing Cable Manufacturing
Thermon Heat Tracing Systems Commissioning
Thermon Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Initial Planning | Design/ Engineering | Project Management | Manufacturing | Comissioning | Maintenance

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Thermon Manufacturing:
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Thermon Electric Heat Tracing
Installation Procedures
Thermon Manufacturing: The Fox Business NetworkElectric Heat Tracing: Installation Procedures

Brochures & Catalogues

Thermon Heat Tracing Specialists:
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Thermon Products & Accessories:
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Heat Tracing Systems:
Design Software by Thermon
Application Note
Thermon: Chemical Resistance
of Heating Cables, Guide
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Thermon Electric Heat Tracing:
Maintenance Guide

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Thermon Heat Trace SolutionsComplete Heat Tracing Solutions

Thermon can help you with all aspects of heat tracing for pipes, vessels, instrumentation and other process equipmen.

Together we can ensure that materials selection, circuit layout, installation and operating costs will all be considered for your particular application. From initial planning stages through installation and final commissioning, Thermon provides a total systems approach precisely tailored to meet your heat tracing needs.

Thermon Optimised Trace Heating SystemsOptimised trace heating systems provide lowest cost of ownership

Solely focused on the heat tracing industry since 1954, Thermon’s experience will ensure that all factors are considered. Thermon can include detailed design engineering and project management with project drawings, documentation, commissioning, site audits and maintenance.

Thermon: Energy Consumption with Ambient Proportional Control We can help you make informed decisions about the heat tracing options available to you based on materials, installation, maintenance and operating costs.

Energy Conservation = Lower Operating Costs

Heat tracing systems are not often a priority when energy reduction initiatives are being considered. However, when the total heat tracing load in a large system is considered, savings can be significant.

Heat Tracing System Design Tools

Thermon has developed sophisticated, yet easy-to-use software packages that provide detailed design and performance information for electric and steam tracing.

Thermon VisiTrace 3D: Design SoftwareUsers of CompuTrace® are able to input design data into the program and obtain detailed system and thermal performance information.

Thermon VISITRACE 3D: Sorts - Views - Designs - Manages - Delivers

Thermon’s engineering capabilities also include the VisiTrace 3D Design System. This system utilizes data extracted directly from the customer’s 3D model database, automating the heat tracing design form start to finish.
This allows Thermon to reduce client engineering man-hours to design large projects and provide“as-built” drawings in much less time.

Global Presence

Worldwide Approvals

Every product must undergo a multitude of performance tests including stability and long-term reliability. All products are further tested and certified by major approval agencies to verify compliance to international industry standards:
Thermon's Worldwide Industry Approvals

For the continued advancement of heat tracing technology,Thermon actively participates in professional organizations such as:
Thermon: Professional Associations

Global Presence

Thermon engineers and specialists located throughout the world provide design, product selection, installation packages, training and supervision, and commissioning.

These dedicated professionals take projects from conception through completion and review each project's needs to make recommendations based on specific applications and code requirements. Thermon is committed to measurable contributions in health, safety and environmental aspects of our products, services, and operations.

To realize this, all Thermon operations and employees work together to protect our environment and the health and safety of our customers, employees, and neighbors around the world.

Offices Worldwide


unitemp is now a proud member of the Thermon family: Read our partnership announcement.

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Industrial Applications for Heat Tracing Systems

Heat Tracing Solutions for the Oil Industry
Heat Tracing Solutions for the Gas Industry
Trace Heating Systems for the oil & gas industry

Oil & Gas Industries

Thermon provides heat tracing solutions to the petroleum industry in the upstream, midstream and downstream components of oil and gas production, processing, storage, and distribution.

The upstream sector requires elevated temperatures to move the crude oil and/ or raw natural gas to the surface. The downstream sector requires winterization to the refining, petrochemical, and distribution of the products.

  • Exploration and production
  • Oil sands
  • Gas processing
  • Heavy oils and synfuels
  • Petrochemical and chemical
  • Refining
  • Storage terminals

Thermon Heat Tracing System for Electrical Power Generation Plants
Heat Tracing for Power Generation
Trace Heating of CEMS sample lines

Electrical Power Generation

Thermon is a world leader in providing heat trace solutions in the power generation industry.

Heat tracing needs vary from providing winterization for steam and water lines, to maintaining fly-ash hoppers and “CEMS” sample lines above the flue gas dew point, to providing solutions for critical post accident applications in the nuclear industry.

Equipment must operate reliably in order to produce energy and maintain control of the plant. Thermon expertise and experience is unparalleled.

  • Coal fired & 'resource recovery' plants
  • Combined Cycle Cogeneration
  • Nuclear Power Generation
  • Solar Thermal Power
  • Geothermal Power