Temperature Sensors

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Temperature Sensors in Industry

Temperature Sensors

Temperature as a physical variable is most often measured in industry as it often directly influences the quality of products and systems across various applications.

In order to achieve the correct accuracy of measurements required, unitemp manufactures all types of temperature sensors to customer specifications and offer a selection of thermowells to protect your temperature sensors in hazardous areas.


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RTDs, Thermocouples

View our range of RTDs and Thermocouples

Resistive thermal devices (RTDs such as Pt100s) are temperature sensors that exploit the predictable change in electrical resistance of some materials with changing temperature.

Thermocouples (T/C type J, K, T….) are temperature sensors that are made of 2 dissimilar metals and produce a millivolt signal in proportion to temperature.

We manufacture a wide range of RTDs and Thermocouples tailored to your requirements.

Find more information about RTDs and Thermocouples here



View our range of Thermowells

A Thermowell (also known as Thermocouple pocket) isolates the temperature sensor from the process medium (gas, liquid...), allowing the sensor to be removed without compromising either the process or the environment.

Our factories produce thermowells to customer specification.

Manufacturing capabilities include various sheath materials and solid-bar construction, catering for hazardous and high-pressure applications.