ThermaSeam Tank Insulation System: Now available in SA

ThermaSeam - Tank Insulation System by Thermon

The ThermaSeam tank insulation system, introduced by Thermon in 1992,
is an improved method used to provide temperature conservation and condensate prevention.

Tanks benefitting from this system typically contain
petroleums, chemicals, asphalt, anhydrous ammonia, beverages and chilled water (for HVAC storage).

ThermaSeam tank insulation systems are:

  • Extremely durable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cost-effective

Benefits of ThermaSeam vertical insulation panels for tanks

The strength and durability of the system is derived from machine-formed, double-locking standing seams between adjacent panels. These seams provide a weatherproof barrier that extend the entire height of the tank and serve as the attachment point for securing the panels to the tank.

Radially installed ThermaSeam insulation panels for tanks
ThermaSeam: Waterproofing roofs of tanks
ThermaSeam Tank Insulation: Protrusions are sealed

ThermaSeam panels installed radially on a tank roof provide a weatherproof surface. Protrusions are tightly fitted and sealed.

Stainless steel retaining clips captured in the machine-formed seam are secured to steel cables wrapped around the perimeter of the tank. External banding, a traditional weak spot in the tank insulation process, is eliminated.

ThermaSeam Tank Insulation: Installation Clips
ThermaSeam Tank Insulation: Installation Hand Tool
ThermaSeam Tank Insulation - No scaffolding required, man basket will suffice

Dedicated insulation clips on the side of the tank are also not required. The ThermaSeam system is unique in that scaffolding is not normally required for installation. A work cage attached to a nozzle or painter’s lug permits the installer to travel around the tank with the seamer.

Storage tanks three meters or greater in diameter that require insulation are ideal candidates for a ThermaSeam system.

ThermSeam vertical standing seam panel tank insulation
Tank Insulation System: ThermaSeam
Thermon's tank insulation panels: ThermaSeam

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