Solutions for the plastics & packaging industry

Dedicated solutions for the plastics & packaging industry

heating elements, sensors, control & technical services

One of our biggest markets since founding is the South African plastics industry.

This industry has in the past faced severe challenges, emerging from a typically low efficiency industry and low investment to a more sophisticated industry using modern technologies, such as hotrunner systems, to remain competitive.

Our contribution to this industry has been a substantial one. We were founded in 1980, where we kick-started our production of heaters and sensors for the plastics industry. In 1990 we started producing micabands and manufacturing our own controllers.Shortly thereafter, we adopted the agencies for overseas brands Gefran, Hotset, Elstein, Thermoplay hotrunner systems.
In 2000 we broke into the export market with our sensors.

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Heating, sensing & control systems for the plastics & packaging industry

Thermon South Africa: unitemp manufacturing

Always maintaining our stance on quality; with careful selection of materials, special attention to detail, quality inspection and test before shipment – our products are designed to last longer and to reduce maintenance costs.

Heat-Cool Control Loop

Application example: Heating Elements + Control Components on Plastic Blow Moulding Machines

unitemp: Heating, Sensing, Control Solutions

The purpose of a temperature control loop is to maintain the process temperature accurately at a determined level. A control loop typically consists of

All parts in the control loop are essential and need to be selected, installed and set up correctly. 

We supply both replacement components as well as engineered turnkey solutions to match your specific requirements.

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PID, Temperature & Universal Process ControllersSolid State Relays and DrivesBox HeatersMelt Pressure TransducerMelt Temperature SensorTemperature Sensors, RTDs and ThermocouplesCeramic Bands, Band Heaters Air Jackets for Band Heaters

Catering for specialist plastics & packaging processes

Typical applications range from plastics injection moulding, plastic blow moulding, plastics extrusion, plastic vacuum & thermo forming to packaging processes, plastic fabrication and welding, heat shrinking, printing/ drying/ curing & more.

Plastics Injection Moulding
Plastic blow moulding
Plastics extrusion
Plastics thermo forming
Coil heaters: Heating of manifolds and plates, hot runner nozzles, slot dies & machine nozzles
Heated nozzles and manifolds for hotrunner systems
Custom built control panels for plastics processing
Extrusion processes: Plastic film winder using Gefran automation components
Web offset labels printer using Gefran automation & motion control
Full process control systems for plastics manufacturing
Plastic film stretching process
Plastic extrusion

For more information on key applications and best suited product selections, please take a look at our applications tab.


Specialist solutions for plastics & packaging applications


Plastics Injection Moulding

Solutions for Plastics Injection Moulding Processes
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Plastic Blow Moulding

Process Solutions for Plastic Blowmoulding
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Plastics Extrusion

Solutions for Plastics Extrusion Processes
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Plastic vacuum & thermo-forming

Plastic vacuum and thermo-forming
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Industrial Heaters

12 months warranty

Heating Elements with 12 months warranty

Our warranty covers in-house manufactured unitemp mica and ceramic heater bands and includes any flat version of these elements. The warranty excludes brass and stainless steel nozzle elements.

Hot Runner Systems for plastic injection moulding

Together with Thermoplay, we offer a wide range of hot runner components:
>400 types of nozzles,
> 80 standard manifolds,
flow analysis & control solutions, custom designed solutions,
bi-injection, multi-materials and sequential injection using pneumatic and hydraulic valves also for gas filled products. Contact us

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Automation & Sensors

Our range of standard, locally manufactured temperature sensors includes numerous designs found on well-known brands of machines throughout the world (such as Arburg, Kawaguchi etc.).

The construction and materials have been carefully matched to satisfy the specific requirements of the plastics and packaging industries.

We can manufacture Custom Temperature Sensors such as mineral insulated thermocouples as small as 0.5mm in diameter and Pt100 sensors down to 1.6mm diameter.


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Top Brands

Dedicated global brands with specialist industry focus

With established overseas brands in our portfolio, locally manufactured elements and temperature sensors, and a fast replacement service, we are in an ideal position to help the plastic industry remain competitive:

unitemp: Heating Elements & Temperature Sensors
Heating Elements,
Temperature Sensors,
Industrial Supplies

Manufactured in South Africa,
our trusted in-house brand


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