Coil Heaters

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Coil Heater for plastics processing applications

specialised heating components for the plastics processing industry


Coil heaters offer a uniform distribution of heating power in confined space.

High heating power, slim construction, small bending radius and good durability against mechanical damage are making coil heaters the element of choice for many tricky applications.

Our range of coil heater can be supplied in straight sticks for bending and insertion into machined grooves on the tool. Alternatively, the heaters are coiled by the unitemp factory to customers’ specification.

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Coil heaters are widely used in the plastics industry, the packaging industry, the textile industry and in the die-casting industry.

Any coil heater can be supplied with built-in thermocouple for applications where there is insufficient space to mount a separate temperature sensor.

Coil Heater, radial exit
Coil Heater: Axial exit
Coil Heater: Tangential exit
Coil heater: Angled exit

Our coiled heating elements can be supplied with reflection tube or cast-in for added robustness and better heat transfer and are available for various termination exit angles.

Optional Extras

  • With or without integrated thermocouple
    (grounded or not grounded) Fe-CuNi or NiCr-Ni available
  • Reinforcement tube covering the unheated zone as protection against bending or breaking damages
  • Reflection Tube:
    Increases max. surface load & provides protection from mechanical load
  • High Grade Clamping Band:
    Improves the heat transfer, increases the max.
    surface load & offers protection from mechanical load

  • Other types on request considering the technical data


Coil Heater Application: Heating of manifolds and plates
Coil Heater Application: Heating of hot runner nozzles
Coil Heater Application: Heating of slot dies
Coil Heater: Heating of machine nozzles

Standard details

  • Coil Heater cast in brass with outer sheath of stainless steel
  • wall thickness 4.5 up to 5.5 mm, depending on integrated coil heater
  • for inside diameter, min. and max. length and wall thickness see product description table.
  • voltage: 230 V
  • exit axial, radial or tangential
  • connection option: 1000 mm PTFE-insulated leads, earth and glass silk protective sleeving

Coil Heaters