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Cartridge Heaters: Limited space component heaters

Limited-space induction heaters, cartridge elements, component heaters

Cartridge Elements offer an exceptionally high heating power in confined space. They are designed to heat up steel parts by inserting the cartridge into a close-fitting bore, machined into the steel part.

Cartridges are widely used in the Plastics Industry (hotrunner systems, moulds), the Packaging Industry (sealing, welding, and cutting), the Textile Industry (cutting, sealing, embossing) and in the Die-casting Industry (heating of the gooseneck).

Any cartridge heater can be supplied with built-in Thermocouple for applications where there is insufficient space to mount a separate temperature sensor.

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Diameter D (mm) | Length L (mm) | Watts (W) | Voltage (V) | Termination type | Cable length (mm) | with/without Thermocouple


For good heat conduction between the cartridge and the tool to be heated a precise bore (ISO H7) is required.

For high power cartridges with a surface load in excess of 20 Watt / cm² a press fit is necessary.
Uneven bore surface or excessive tolerance of the bore results in hot spots, thus reducing the life span of the element.

Excessive length of the cartridge protruding out of the tool will lead to overheating of the exposed length and eventual failure. The distance between cartridge and external tool surface should be at least equal to the diameter of the cartridge.

We recommend the use of non-conductive anti-seize paste, to allow easier removal of the cartridge once they need to be replaced.


Cartridge Heater Application: Injection moulding
Cartridge Heater application: Hot Runner Systems
Cartridge Heater Application: Packaging Industry
Cartridge Heater Application: Extrusion
Textile Industry: Heating of cutting knives
Cartridge Heater Application: Paper Industry

Heat distribution

Elements with special heat distribution can be supplied on request.
This is particularly important on sealing bars to avoid higher temperature at the centre (burning of material) compared to the outer edges of the sealing bar (does not weld properly).

Cartridge Heater: Standard heat distribution Cartridge Element with special heat distribution

Standard heat distribution

a - Temperature curve
b - Resistance (on heating wire)

Special heat distribution

a - Temperature curve
b - Resistance (on heating wire)

Termination types

Cartridge Element: Termination Type 2
Continuous glass
silk insulation leads.

Cartridge Elements: Termination Type 7
Metal Conduit Sleeving

Cartridge Elements: Termination Type 8
Metal braided sleeving

Cartridge Elements: Termination Type 10
Silicone sleeving

Cartridge Elements: Termination Type 12
Angular block (stainless steel)
with approx. 40mm of tubing

Cartridge Elements: Termination Type 13
Tubular bend (steel casting)

Cartridge Elements: Termination Type 14
Connecting piece for a right angled exit
(stainless steel from Ø8mm)


Cartridge Heaters