Ceramic Withdrawables

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ceramic withdrawable elements

for liquids & gases

Ceramic withdrawable elements are used for heating of gas or liquid and also for melting of solids such as wax and lead.

The ceramic element is inserted into a pipe which is mounted into the container to be heated.

The advantage of this heating method is that elements can be removed from the pipe without having to drain the container. This is of particular relevance when substances are frozen in the unheated state
(e.g. wax). By carefully selecting a suitable pipe material and thickness, a very durable heating system is obtained.

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Ceramic withdrawables, horizontal

Ceramic withdrawables, horizontal
horizontally mounted element
(segments in line)

Elements are usually mounted horizontally.


Ceramic heating elements, vertical

Ceramic withdrawables, vertical
vertically mounted element
(segments offset)

For vertical mounting, elements must be specially constructed to prevent sagging of the heating spiral inside the element grooves.


N.B.:Specify mounting method when ordering! Ceramic heating elements designed for horizontal mounting may not be installed vertically.

It is good practice to allow access to the pipe from both ends, facilitating removal of debris when elements are replaced.

The dimensions of the pipe must be such that there is a 1—2mm tolerance between pipe inner diameter and ceramic element outer diameter, allowing easy removal. An excessive tolerance will hinder heat transfer. The pipe material is preferably a heat resistant stainless steel.

Please specify when ordering:

  • Diameter (D)
  • Total length (L)
  • L - length of cold end (CE)
  • Power
  • Supply voltage
  • Single or three phase
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting