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Fly ash hoppers heaters, tank heaters, tank insulation systems

Fly ash hoppers on electrostatic precipitators often experience pluggage problems due to flue gas condensation. Evacuation is made easier if the ash is hot. Storage tanks also often require heating and insulation for temperature conservation or condensate prevention.

Effective heating systems can dramatically improve the durability & life expectancy of hoppers and tanks - which are typically costly to repair.

We offer simple & cost effective hopper and tank heating systems as well as standing seam insulation for tanks. Our extensive range of serial heating cables can also be utilised for these purposes.

All our tank and vessel heating solutions are designed to provide even heat distribution over the heater surface.

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  • Rugged, self-contained high performance heater
  • Reliable operation on surfaces prone to vibration.
  • Robust, flexible, cushion like heater face
  • Heat outputs up to3230 W per square metre
  • Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 315°C
  • Self-contained, high performance flexible heating panel designed for use on metallic tanks or vessels.
  • Heat outputs at 3100 W per square meter or less
  • Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 121°C
  • Heating panel designed for use on fiberglass and plastic tanks/ vessels and for metallic tanks/ vessels containing high viscosity or temperature-sensitive fluids
  • Heat outputs at 1085 W per square meter or less
  • Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 121°C
  • Vertical standing seam panel Insulation for tanks
  • Ideal for storage tanks >3m diameter requiring insulation for temperature conservation or condensate prevention
  • Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 315°C

The ThermaSeam tank insulation system is an ideal method for providing temperature conservation and condensate prevention. Tanks insulated using this system commonly contain petroleums, chemicals, asphalt, anhydrous ammonia, beverages chilled water (for HVAC storage).

ThermaSeam tank insulation systems are durable, maintenance-free & cost-effective. This system is unique in that scaffolding is not normally required for installation.

We also supply custom control systems for all of our tank and hopper heaters.

Hopper Heaters: Robust panel-design vs. heating cables

Because MI heating cables are silver soldered and waterproof they are a great choice in “gut” tracing applications. This method of heating a hopper has the advantage that higher temperatures can be reached. The disadvantage is that there is a possibility that if not installed properly, air gaps can form, resulting in poor transfer of heat.

Mineral-insulated heating cable installation on a hopper
Serial heating cable on wire mesh
Heating system on fly ash hopper to prevent blockage due to condensation

An alternative method consists of rugged modular heaters. Instead of resistance wire these contain a heating element stamped from a high temperature alloy, Inconel 600, providing multiple paths, eliminating series wire burnout which is so typical for conventional systems. Our Hopper Heating Panels have been designed to withstand harsh environments over 20 plus years of operating life of the system.

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