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Gefran GTS Solid State Relays


The compact GTS series of SSRs with heatsink are ideally suited for control panels where fast, wear and tear free switching, ease of mounting and slim construction are required.

GTS consist of a DIN-rail mounting heatsink and
a replaceable solid state relay (GS).

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Gefran GTS: SSR, logic input, with heatsink


  • Extremely compact
  • Zero cross-over switching
  • MOV varistor incorporated (transient suppression)
  • Logic control: 6-32VDC
  • Installation notes: Horizontal distance between two GTS: >20mm
  • Horizontal distance between a GTS and panel wall:>100mm
  • Mount GTS vertically, allowing natural convection over the heat sink.
  • Avoid obstruction close to heatsinks (eg.cable channels)
  • Allow ventilation of the panel or use an air conditioner
  • Observe the current derating curves for high panel temperature
  • Use suitably rated ultra-rapid fuses to protect against fault currents


Gefran GS: SSR, logic input, with
no heatsink

Curves of rated current for GTS series according to ambient temperature




"Zero crossing" with variable cycle time

Zero-crossing with variable time




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