Gefran GFX4-IR: modular power controller
Gefran GFX4-IR: Power Controller, modular
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Unit consisting of:

  • Controller
  • 30, 60, 80kW solid state relay
  • Current transformers
  • Fuses-holder (option)
  • 4 universal main inputs
  • 4 heat/cool independent PID
  • 4 main output internally wired to the SSR
  • 4 auxiliary analog inputs (option)
  • 4 configurable output (option): relay / logic / TRIAC / continuous
  • 2 configurable relay alarm output
  • 2 digital inputs
  • Standard digital communication: Modbus RTU
  • Optional Fieldbus communication: Profibus DP, CANopen, Euromap66, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP
  • DIN rail or panel mounting

GFX4-IR 4-zone modular power controller: for ir lamps and inductive loads


Gefran GFX4: Controller
Gefran GFX4 Controller: Application glass
Gefran GFX4 Controller: Application injection
Gefran GFX4 Controller: Application thermoforming
Gefran GFX4 Controller: Application woodmachining







  • Thermoforming
  • Blowing
  • Hot runners for injection presses
  • Fiber texturizing
  • Woodworking machines
  • Glass tempering furnaces


GFX4-IR is a four independent loop controller, designed to manage electrical power.

GFX4-IR is a compact unit bounding different technological elements like:

  • controller
  • solid state relay
  • current transformers
  • fuses-holders (option)


The final result is a cost saving in terms of space and cabling.

GFX4-IR consisting of:

  • power management unit
  • analog and digital inputs,
  • analog and digital outputs
  • standard digital communication
  • integrated solid state relays
  • fuses-holder (option)

Geflex controls autonomously the four loop controllers, furnishing a complete diagnostics like the loaded current, the control of the zones, the alarms state. A specific step by step software tool has been develop in order to assist the product configuration based on the different applications. Communication with the outside is of primary importance. Geflex dialogs with the operator terminals according to the most popular protocols: from the simple and efficient Modbus to, by a second optional fieldbus communication, the by-now indispensable Profibus DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Ethernet Modbus TCP. The product’s furnished with a standard configuration, simple and quickly to modify. The assignment of different functions to the outputs is very simple.


The GFX4-IR is managed by a microprocessor that independently controls the four control loops and also runs functions specifically designed to manage singlephase and 3-phase loads, with low and high temperature coefficient, medium and short wave infrared lamps, and transformer primary circuits.

The multiple activation methods are all software-configurable, and include:

  • Zero crossing with constant cycle time for conventional loads
  • Burst firing with variable cycle time for systems with low thermal inertia, medium wave IR lamps
  • Single cycle for short wave IR lamps with reduced flickering (half single cycle)
  • Phase angle control with current limit for short wave IR lamps, transformer primaries, with assignment of soft start up and soft stop down options with limitation of max. rms current.


GFX4-IR runs complete diagnostics of current, voltage, and temperature levels:


  • Total and partial interrupted load alarm
  • “Teach-in” function for self-learning of alarm threshold for interrupted load
  • SCR in short circuit alarm
  • Load in short circuit or in overcurrent alarm
  • Unbalanced 3-phase load alarm


  • Phase loss in case of 3-phase configurations
  • Check of correct phase sequence alarm


  • Overtemperature alarm

Feedback functions:

Various feedback functions in the absence of PID control have been developed for complete control of loads in all types of applications:

  • Voltage feedback (V) with current limit
  • Current feedback (I)
  • Power feedback with maximum power limit

Configuration is changed by setting simple parameters with a software tool that guides the user to a correct and safe configuration. GFX4-IR dialogs with the operator terminals according to the most popular protocols: from the simple and efficient Modbus to (via a second optional fieldbus communication) the by-now indispensable Profibus DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Ethernet Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP.

The product comes with a standard configuration that is simple and quick to modify, for example, to assign different functions to outputs.


IN1,…,IN4 analog process inputs
FunctionAcquisition of process variable
Max. Error0,2% f.s. ± 1 scale point at room temperature of 25°C
Thermal drift< 100 ppm/°C f.s.
Sampling time120 ms
Thermocouple Tc (ITS90)J,K,R,S,T
(IEC 584-1,CEI EN 60584-1, 60584-2)
Fault cold junction comp 0,1°/°C
Resistance thermometer RTD (ITS90)Pt100 (DIN 43760)
MMax line resistance 20ohm
Voltagelinear: 0,…,60mV, Ri>1Mohm
0,…,1V, Ri>1Mohm
a 32 segment custom linearization can be inserted
CurrentLinear: 0/4…20mA, Ri =50ohm a 32 segment custom linearization can be inserted
IN5,…,IN8 auxiliary analog inputs (option)
FunctionAcquisition of variables
Accuracy1% f.s. ± 1 scale point at room temperature of 25°C
Sampling time480 ms
Thermocouple Tc (ITS90)J,K,R,S,T
(IEC 584-1,CEI EN 60584-1, 60584-2)
Fault cold junction comp 0,1°/°C
Voltagelinear: 0,…,60mV, Ri>1Mohm
IN9,…,IN12 inputs internal current transformers CT
FunctionRead internal CTs; (The acquisition of current values is valid for voltages in a range of 90...530Vac)
Accuracy1% f.s. ± 1 scale point at room temperature of 25°C
Sampling time60 ms
DI1,…,DI2 digital inputs
FunctionConfigurable (default: disabled)
TypePNP, 24Vdc, 8mA
3500V isolation
OUT1,…,OUT4 heat control outputs connected directly to solid state power units
FunctionConfigurable (default: heat control)
Control state is displayed by LED (O1,…,O2)
OUT5,...,OUT8 cool control outputs (option)
FunctionConfigurable (default: cool control)
Relay type3A NO contact, 250V/30Vdc cos? =1
Continuous type0/2…10V, (default) max 25mA
protection against short circuit 0/4…20mA, max. load 500ohm
1500V isolation
Logic type24Vdc, > 18V a 20mA
Triac type230V/ max 4A AC51
(1A for every channel)
OUT9, OUT10 alarms
FunctionConfigurable (default: alarms)
Relay type5A NO contact, 250V/30Vdc cos? =1
PORT1 (present)
FunctionLocal serial communication
ProtocolModBus RTU
BaudrateSettable to 1200,…,115200, (default 19,2Kbit/s)
Address nodeSettable by rotary switch
1500V isolation, double connector RJ10 telephone type 4-4
PORT2 (Fieldbus option)
FunctionFieldbus serial communication
ProtocolModBus RTU, type RS485, baudrate 1200...115000Kbit/s
CANOpen 10K…1Mbit/s
DeviceNet 125K…0,5Mbit/s
Profibus DP 9,6K...12 Mbit/s
Ethernet Modbus TCP 10/100Mbit/s


POWER (Solid state power units, 4 units)
Rated voltage480Vac
Work voltage range24…530Vac
Non-repetitive voltage1200Vp
Zero switching voltage<20V
Rated frequency50/60Hz self-setting
Rated current AC5130KW60KW80KW
4x16A4x32A (4x30)*4x40A (4x40)* (single channel 57A ?I = 160A)
Non-repetitive overcurrent (t=20msec)400A, 600A, 1150A
I2t for fusion (t=1…10msec)645A2s 1010A2s 6600A2s
Critical Dv/dt with output deactivated1000V/?sec
Rated isolation voltage4000V
SafetyDetects short circuit or open probe circuit, probe ,
power supply failure, LBA alarm, HB alarm
Selection °C/°FConfigurable
Linear scale range-1999…9999
Control actions4 control loops:
Double action (heat/cool) Pid, on-off
Self-tuning at power-up, Continuous Autotuning, One-shot Autotuning
pb-dt-it0,0...999,9 % – 0,00...99,99 min – 0,00...99,99 min
Action – control outputsheat/cool – ON/OFF, PWM, GTT
Heat/cool max. power limitation0,0…100,0 %
Cycle time - Softstart0…200 s - 0,0…500,0 min
softstart at phase slicing
Fault power setting-100,0…100,0 %
Shut-down functionMaintains sampling of process variable PV; when active, disables control
Configurable alarmsAlarm is assigned to an output, configurable as: maximum, minimum, symmetrical, absolute/deviation, LBA, HB
Alarm maskingExclusion at power-up, latch, reset by digital input
DiagnosticsSCR in short circuit (presence of current with control OFF)
SCR open (presence of voltage on SCR with control ON)
Load interrupted or no voltage (no current, no voltage on SCR with control ON)
Connection and load types4 loads single-phase
Selection with dip-switches2 loads 3-phase, star without neutral controlled on two phases 2 loads 3-phase, closed triangle controlled on two phases 1 load 3-phase, star with neutral controlled on one phase 1 load 3-phase, open triangle controlled on one phase (with 3-phase load, 4 CTs are needed if diagnostics is required)

* UL certificate

Power supply24Vdc ±25%, max 8VA
IndicatorsEight LEDs:
RN CPU in run state ER fault signal
DI1, DI2 state of digital inputs
O1,…,O4 state of outputs
Work/storage temperature0…50°C (see dissipation curves) / -20…70°C
Relative Humidity20…85% Ur non-condensing
Ambient work conditionsindoor use, altitude up to 2000m
InstallationDIN RAIL EN50022 o pannello tramite viti
Installation instructionsInstallation category II, pollution level 2, double isolation
Maximum surrounding air temperature 50°C (for UL).
Open type equipment
models 30Kw, 60Kw, 80Kw1200g.
models 30Kw, 60Kw con fusibili1600g.


Voltage/Current Table
Gefran GFX4
ModelCurrent (Amp)
Voltage (Vac)Power (kW)
max for channel

rangenominalworkingtotal contemporarysingle channelmax for single channel
32 (30)*24...530480110(4x32x110)
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