Define Instruments TEX-MPT200 Melt-pressure, temperature indicator
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This indicator and controller is the ideal tool for displaying and controlling both melt pressure and temperature in injection molding machines.

It is compatible with both J and K-type thermocouple sensor inputs.

  • 5 buttons
  • 2 x 10mm, 6-digit LED display
  • 6 setpoint indicator LED's (R4 & R4A only)
  • IP65 dust and splash-proof
  • Panel mount case - (H x W x D)
    48 x 96 x 119.5mm 
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TEX-MPT200The TEX-MPT200 has been designed for those applications where temperature control is a critical factor in injection molding.

This combination of temperature and pressure control gives you the accuracy needed for advanced plastics molding. This meter is the easiest you will ever find to set up, calibrate and adjust.

TC input

Suits J or K type

Pressure sensor2-3.5 mV/V (80% shunt cal)
Excitation8V DC provided by controller
Sampling rate10Hz
Temp driftTypically 50ppm/°C
- Optional -
Relay outputs4 x 5A form A
Analog outputIsolated 16-bit 4-20mA or 0-10V output.
Optional dual 10-0- 10V for pressure and temperature
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