Heat Transfer Compounds: Ultra Efficient Heating

Heat Transfer Compounds

Bond tracer tubing to long pipe runs, irregular surfaces or tank walls

Thermon’s range of heat transfer compounds (also known as “heat transfer cement”) provides efficient thermal connection between tracer and process equipment.

By eliminating the air cavities, heat is transferred into the pipe or tank wall through conduction as opposed to convection.

A single tracer using the cement has the comparable performance of three to five bare tracers.

Whether bonding tracer tubing to long pipe runs, valves and pumps, or tank walls, there is a product specifically designed for every application.

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Thermon: Thermal Engineering

Benefits of these compounds include a possible reduction in the number of tracers needed compared to bare tracers, and the ability to replace jacketed pipe without the high cost and fear of cross contamination.

Thermon T3: Heat Transfer Compound

Thermon’s T-3 is a water-based heat transfer compound and is typically used in applications with maximum exposure temperatures of 371°C.

Thermon T-99: Heat Transfer Compound

T-99, also a water-based heat transfer compound, is formulated to provide exceptional thermal stability and superior bonding strength up to 1000°C.

Thermon T-80 Heat Transfer Compound

The epoxy-based T-80 and T-85 are for use in moist and corrosive environments. They are low to medium temperature heat transfer compounds where maximum exposure temperatures will not exceed 163°C and 190°C respectively.

Thermon-NH Heat Transfer Compound

NH non-hardening heat transfer compound is ideally suited where thermal expansion and contraction could break the bond of a hardened compound. Typically installed between plate-type heating coils or with systems that require periodic disassembly, NH remains pliable indefinitely, allowing the compound to expand and contract to meet the changing requirements for the application.

Thermon-Snap-Trace Preformed Heat Transfer

SnapTrace is a preformed flexible heat transfer compound designed for quick, consistent installation on straight piping runs 38 mm and larger.

SnapTrace includes a TFK galvanized channel which provides mechanical and weather protection to the installation.

Thermon designs & manufactures both steam tracing & electrical heat tracing systems for the application of external heat to pipes, tanks & instrumentation.

Today, we incorporate an extensive line of heating, measurement & control components - focussing on optimising the customer’s cost of ownership & plant efficiency.

African Petrochemicals: Thermon Heat Transfer Compounds

This article also features in the August/ September issue
of the African Petrochemicals Magazine.

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