Gefran Process Controllers: Preventing Failure and Downtime

Avoid unneccesary expenses with a reliable partner - Gefran

Preventing failure and downtime with Gefran Process Controllers


Your process overheats, the elements burn out, and you produce tons of scrap: reason being failure of the temperature sensors or solid state relays.

Gefran controllers offer an intelligent solution

When the controller switches the elements on and does not detect a resulting rise in temperature, it recognises the problem and activates an alarm. You can also configure it to default to a predetermined output power. This allows completion of a run even if the sensor fails.

Conventional controllers cannot detect thermocouple short circuits or a thermocouple being out of position, so sensor fault is not registered. Gefran can.


Gefran offers custom solutions to your application integrating a complete range of SSR's and drives, controllers, sensors and transducers.

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unitemp: dedicated agent for GEFRAN process automation since 1996.Gefran South Africa: Process Automation offered by unitemp

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