Gefran GF Promer: Setpoint programmer/ controller


Gefran GF PROMER: time-variable setpoint programmer
Gefran GF LOOPER: Multiloop Graphic Controller
Gefran GFXTERMO4 Controller
Gefran 600: Single Loop Controller
The Gefran GF PROMER is a setpoint programmer/controller that is easy and quick to program and use for any user in any sector.


Main characteristics

  • Intuitive graphics software, designed for guided, “no-manual” programming
  • Copy/ paste/ delete functions to speed up programming
  • Graphics functions that let you immediately display the programming result
  • Monitor pages that let you control the process by checking trends of variables, setpoints, numerical values, event output state and clearance inputs on a single video page
  • Channel display pages with bargraph, numerical data, information on the current control
  • Ability to include/exclude any channel on the monitor pages (both trend and bargraph) to adapt the display to the user’s preferences with a simple click.
  • Saving of parameters, export of historical data to USB

These features make the GF PROMER, a programmer with 100 programs and 300 segments and up to 4 control loops, one of the simplest and most intuitive products on the market.

Application examples

Test Benches
Metal Deformation
Heat Treatment Ovens

Amongst the main sectors benefiting from this innovation are thermal treatment furnaces, climatic chambers, and autoclave driers. Successful application examples have been found in the plastics & packaging, food, metal processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical & water treatment industries.

Food Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Water Treatment

Control instruments let you acquire one or more analog inputs, convert them into engineering units, and compare them to setpoints.

By applying PID control algorithms with automatic parameter calculation, they supply output signals to control actuators installed on the process.

Gefran controllers range from popular general purpose models to advanced, high-performance solutions made with graphics devices and distributed or integrated control architectures. They can be connected in a network and set for remote access for tele-assistance and remote control.


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