Oilskids for the Petrochemical Industry

Oilskid for the petrochemical industry

In 2011 unitemp was awarded the contract to design and fabricate
2 oilskids for a large client in the Petrochemical industry


unitemp’s function was to project manage; design (including drawings, documentation and flow analysis), appoint and coordinate suitable subcontractors, procure equipment and to assemble and test the skids.

Scope of the project included a thermic oil heating vessel, pipework, a pump, flow meters, control panel and motorized valves to mix cold and warm oil and thus provide two oil outlets with differing temperatures.

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Oil Skid project
Completed Oilskid
Oil Skid for the petrochemical industry
Projects Team: Oil Skid

Some of the typical challenges we faced:

  • Creating a compact construction
  • Providing easy access to various valves
  • Adhering to ASME welding specifications
  • Coordinating 13 subcontractors
  • Complying with the stringent requirements of the petrochemical industry

The project was completed successfully in 2013. Project value +/- ZAR 6 Million.

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