Induction Drum Heater Application: Liquid Medicines

Induction Drum Heater for the pharmaceutical industry

LMK Thermosafe drum heater solution for pharmaceutical industry: 

A production facility manufacturing liquid medicines, ranging from anti-depressives to anti-hypertensives, requires heating to prevent crystallisation
of Sorbitol.

Heating is needed to ensure a complete solution and to maintain viscosity at an acceptable level.

Previously, heat was supplied by an electric convection oven. A detailed study was conducted, including on-site trials, which considered various alternatives including electric & steam ovens and individual heaters.

The report resulted in the installation of Thermosafe induction heaters

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Advantages of Thermosafe induction drum heater installation

  • Massive energy savings:
    Findings showed that heating time was reduced from 48 hours to 15 hours. This, combined with the lower electrical rating of the induction heaters represented an 86% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy identification of barrels being heated
  • Heating of individual barrels
  • Automatic operation, no control required
  • Minimal surface heat losses, hence comfortable working conditions
  • Space saving, flexible location
Pharmaceutical drum heater application: Heating of Sorbitol
Induction heater for individual drums to prevent crystallisation & maintain optimum viscosity
Induction drum heaters for pharmaceutical production
Drum Heaters with IP66 rating

Conventional ovens transfer heat by convective hot air warming the barrel walls, with heat transferred by conduction to the contents. This is sometimes a slow, energy intensive operation, and inefficient due to the lack of effective exhaust heat recovery.

Induction heating delivers a uniform heating pattern direct to the drum walls with no hot spots. Heat up times are therefore faster than with ovens and energy consumption is considerably lower.

The Thermosafe Induction heater solution was also a much lower capital investment than alternatives, and is potentially more adaptable to changing future requirements.

The heaters are large induction coils wholly encapsulated in a chemically resistant cylinder, and offer IP66 enclosure protection. They can withstand high pressure hoses. This is of particular importance in areas where cleanliness is essential. The heaters in this particular application were placed adjacent to a deionising water plant producing water of high biological purity.


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