Sensors with 4-20mA transducer
Thermon USTL: T/C type K, Pt100 Sensor with 4-20mA Transducer
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Thermocouples Type K and Pt100 Sensors with 4-20mA transducer. available for various temperature ranges & dimensions. Standard head type"KN";


*dimensions in mm

Temperature in industry has a direct impact on the quality of the product being manufacture and the energy used by the process.

Resistive thermal devices (RTDs such as Pt100s) are temperature sensors that exploit the predictable change in electrical resistance of some materials with changing temperature.

Thermocouples (T/C type J, K, T….) are temperature sensors that are made of 2 dissimilar metals and produce a millivolt signal in proportion to temperature.

Temperature range of sensors

Temperature range of unitemp sensors

Operating temperature limit of sensor cables

  • PVC insulated cable: -40°C +100°C
  • Teflon insulated cable: -250°C +250°C
  • Glass fibre insulated cable: -40°C +350°C
  • Mineral insulation sheath: up to 1100°C
    (can be higher using special alloys)

Accuracy of Thermocouples

Accuracy of Thermocouples

Accuracy of Pt100 sensors

Accuracy of Pt100 Sensors

Accuracy class2/ A
max. Temperature(specify)
Cable Length(specify)
Head TypeKN
Remarkswelded fitting 1/2" BSP
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