Thermon QM: Mica Box Heater, 2 terminations, 2 clamps
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12 months warranty: unitemp heating elementsCustom box heater: Mica insulation, 2 terminations & 2 clamping plates.

Flat Elements and Box Heaters are primarily used on extruder heads and blowmoulding heads in the Plastics Industry. Other applications include packaging machines and general heating of containers, pipes and flat metal surfaces.

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These elements is even heat distribution over a large surface area. Construction consists of heating wire, insulated with either Mica-plates or ceramic formers. Box heating elements can be fitted with a backing plate for mechanical strength.

Good thermal contact between the element and metal surface to be heated is essential. Due to the large surface area and flat construction, wrapping of elements will result in air pockets, causing hot spots and possible failure of the element. It is therefore important that elements are clamped on tightly, and that clamps are re-tightened once the elements have reached operating temperature. On flat elements a backing plate of at least 2mm thickness and clamping screws at regular intervals are advisable.

Storage and Commissioning:
Elements are susceptible to moisture and should be stored or used in a dry environment. It is recommendable to heat up the elements gently after a prolonged period out of commission. This allows moisture to escape and prevents damage to the elements. Some temperature controllers have a "soft start" feature, but a similar result is achieved by turning the temperature controller down initially.

Calculation of maximum Power Rating:
Flat Elements (Mica): 
 P max ( Watts) = Width (mm) x Length (mm) x 0.035
 Box Heater (Mica): 
 P max ( Watts) = Width (mm) x Circumference (mm) x 0.035
 Flat Element (Ceramic): 
 P max ( Watts) = Width (mm) x Length (mm) x 0.055

The power rating of the element has an influence on its lifespan. We therefore recommend that a lower power rating is chosen if the process allows it.

Application example: Heating Elements + Control Components on Plastic Blow Moulding Machines

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The purpose of a temperature control loop is to maintain the process temperature accurately at a determined level. A control loop typically consists of

All parts in the control loop are essential and need to be selected, installed and set up correctly. 

We supply both replacement components as well as engineered turnkey solutions to match your specific requirements.

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