Thermon SnapTrace: preformed heat transf. compound, 208°C
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Snap Trace is a preformed flexible heat transfer compound for steam tracing, designed for rapid, consistent installation on straight piping runs 1-1/2 inches (38mm) and larger.


  • Increased heat transfer (3-5 times better than bare tracers)
  • Easy, fast installation (snap-on)
  • No curing procedure required
  • Factory-formed to fit tracer and pipe (1.22m sections)
  • No surface preparation required
  • Non-soluble in water
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SnapTrace By eliminating the air voids that would ordinarily exist, heat is directed into the pipe wall primarily through conduction rather than convection and radiation.


A single tracer utilizing Thermon's heat transfer compound has the equivalent performance of three to five air convection (bare) tracers.


SnapTrace includes TFK galvanized channel, providing mechanical and weather protection to the installation.


SnapTrace sections are shipped in 4-foot (1.22 m) lengths and are packaged 25 sections per box.


Each SnapTrace order includes protective galvanized steel channel.


SnapTrace is nonsoluble in most liquids and requires no curing procedures when the heating
medium is at or above 200°F (93°C)


Typical installed cross section:

SnapTrace Typical installed cross section


Typical steam tracing system:


Typical steam tracing system using SnapTrace

Thermon heat transfer compounds provide an efficient thermal connection between tracer and process surface.

A single steam tracer utilizing Thermon’s heat transfer compound is more cost effective than a contoured clamp-on jacket and has the equivalent performance of three or more bare tracers.


Standard size preformed 4' (1.22 m) sections
Maximum exposure temperature 406°F (208°C)
Minimum exposure temperature -100°F (-73°C)
Minimum installation temperature 10°F (-12°C)
Heat transfer coefficient, U tracer to pipe wall
20-40 Btu/hr•°F•ft2 (114-227 w/m2•°C)
Electrical resistivity 146 ohms/inch (57 ohms/cm)
Shelf life indefinite
Bond shear 100-150 lbs/in2 (689-1,034 kPa)
Water-soluble No