Thermon Terminator ZT: Thermostat, Pipewall Sensing
Thermon Terminator ZT: Thermostat, Pipewall Sensing
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  • Electric Heat Tracing Control used as adjustable control thermostat for freeze protection & temperature maintenance applications requiring tankwall or pipewall sensing
  • 4 temperature control & bulb exposure temperature ranges
  • Flexible capillary armouring (incl. capillary gland & insulation entry device
  • Includes expediter to attach thermostat directly on pipe
    (permits 2 heating cables to enter & be connected within enclosure)
  • Approved for use in both ordinary (nonclassified) and hazardous (classified) areas
  • Certifications/ Approval:
    Thermon Tracenet ECM: Certifications
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Applications for Thermon Terminator ZT Pipewall Sensing Thermostat

Thermin Terminator ZT is designed for use as an adjustable control thermostat for freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications requiring tankwall or pipewall sensing.

The ZT is available in four temperature control and bulb exposure temperature ranges and has a flexible capillary armouring complete with capillary gland and insulation entry device. The ZT includes an expediter to facilitate attaching the thermostat directly on the pipe and permits two heating cables to enter and be connected within the enclosure.

Terminator ZT kit is approved for use in ordinary (nonclassified) and hazardous (classified) area's.

CE certificateII 2 G Ex db eb IIC T5-T6 FM10ATEX0058X
II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T100°C-T85°C
International Electrotechnical CommissionInternational Electrotechnical Commission
IEC Certification Scheme for Explosive Atmospheres
FMG 10.0022X

Thermon Terminator ZT Thermostat, product specifications

  1. Junction Box, Glass-Reinforced Polymer with DIN Rail
    Mounted Terminal Blocks
  2. Pipe-Mount Expediter, Glass-Reinforced Polymer
  3. Capillary Temperature Sensor


Note:  Maximum pipe exposure temperature of 250°C.


  • Enclosure rating: IP66
  • Maximum pipe exposure temperature: 250°C
  • Minimum installation temperature: -60°C
  • Operating ambient temperature:
    -60°C ? Ta ? +55°C | 16 Amps Max, T6 85°C
    -60°C ? Ta ? +50°C | 25 Amps Max, T5 100°C
  • Voltage rating: 230 Vac nominal up to 253 Vac¹
  • Switch rating: 25 A (Ohmic, NC contact)
  • Switch type: Controller
  • Electrical connection²: Terminal Block²
  • Adjustable control range³: 0°C to 1oo°C | 200°C | 300°C | 500°C
  • Maximum control differential/accuracy:
    7% / -1 K to +7 K
    2.5% / -2 K to +10 K | +16K | +28K
  • Maximum bulb exposure temperature: 230°C | 345°C | 530°C
  • Bulb dimensions/material/capillary length
    6 x 76 mm/stainless steel/1 m | 6 x 55 mm/stainless steel/1 m | 6 x 280 mm/stainless steel/1 m
  • Max. electrical switching frequency: 180 cycles/hour
  • Electrical durability operating cycles: min. 100.000 cycles
  • Mechanical durability operating cycles: min. 300.000 cycles


¹400 Vac/16A version available on request.

Thermostats are shipped with an M25 dust cap that can be replaced with an Ex e approved gland to permit power or heating cable connection.

Terminal block consists of six line/load terminals and two PE terminals.

³The 300°C and 500°C thermostats are only available in wall mount bracket.
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