Gefran GFXTERMO4: Process Controller, 4-loop
Gefran GFXTERMO4: Process Controller, 4-loop
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The Gefran GFXTERMO4 is a modern 4-zone controller for processes involving transmitters (4…20mA, 0…10V) and temperature sensors. It can perform combined PID heating and cooling functions on 4 independent loops.

It normally is used in conjunction with Solid state relays and communicates with PLCs and operator interfaces via Modbus, Profibus and Ethernet.

Configuration of I/O resources is very rapid and flexible thanks to a programming tool that guides the user in the selection of parameters.
The unit is configurable by settings simple parameters. No knowledge of programming language is needed. The following can be used for configuration:

  • GFX-OP accessory
  • Winstrum software
  • Operator terminal, industrial PC or PLC

8 alarm limits are available, freely assignable to each channel or to all channels (in AND/ OR logic). In addition to generic alarms, efficient diagnosis of the control loop lets the user prevent breakdowns and take timely action, for example in case of broken probe or load.


  • 4 universal process inputs
  • 4 independent hot/cold PIDs
  • 4 main outputs
  • 4 auxiliary analog inputs
  • 4 configurable outputs: relay/ logic/ TRIAC/ continuous
  • 2 configurable relay
  • 2 digital inputs
  • Standard communication port: Modbus RTU
  • Optional port for Fieldbus: Profibus DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Ethernet Modbus TCP
  • Installs on DIN rod and panel
Sensor Inputs: 
Maximum number of inputs:4
Sensor Types: 

resistance thermometer
linear voltage
linear current

TC: J,K,T,R,S, custom, Internal cold junction compensation
RTD: PT100 DIN43760, PT10, custom
V voltage: 0/12...60mV Ri>1M?, 0/0.2...1V  Ri > 1M?, custom 60mV
I current: 0/4...20mA Ri = 50?, custom 20mA a 32 segment
Auxiliary analog
Read: current absorbed by load, linear input - TC
Sensor type:external CT 50mAac; 50/60Hz, Ri=10?
range voltage 0/12...60mV, Ri>1M?
TC J, K, R, S, T, custom
Auxiliary digital
configurable (man/ auto, loc/ rem, hold selection prg...)
Sampling time:120 ms All four
Precision:Accuracy 0,2% f.s. ± 1 digit scale points at 25ºC
Digital input:Optoisolated passive PNP isolated 1500 V
Outputs:Heating, cooling, alarm
Maximum number of outputs:Min. 6 Max. 10
type Out. 1D
type Out.2D
type Out.3D
type Out.4D
type Out.5O, R, D,C,T
 type Out.6O, R, D,C,T
 type Out.7 O, R, D,C,T
 type Out.8 O, R, D,C,T
 type Out. 9R
 type Out.10 R
Power supply:24Vdc ± 25%, max 5VA
Working temperature:0 to 50ºC
gefran gfxterm04 controller  
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