Process heating during colder winter months
Beat the cold: Boost your production

winter process heating solutions

Heat tracing of pipes, tanks, products & surfaces
Heating of pipes, tanks, products & surfaces

Design, manufacture, supply & installation

Solutions for plastic injection-, blow-moulding & extrusion
Tailored to plastic injection-, blow-moulding & extrusion

Heaters, Hotrunners, Sensors & Control Solutions

Direct heat transfer to water, chemicals or gases: Flanged Immersion Heaters
Direct heat transfer to water, chemicals or gases

Manufacture, refurbish & repair of Flanged Immersion Heaters.

Maintain optimum process temperatures on pipes & vessels with heat tracing
Maintain optimum process temperatures on pipes & vessels

Design & installation of Electrical & Steam Heat Tracing Systems

Temperature sensors - manufactured to specification
Accurate temperature sensing with RTD’s & Thermocouples

Custom manufactured export quality & wide range of standards

Optimise pumping, pouring & flowing in production processes
Optimise pumping, pouring & flowing in production processes

Trace Heating of oil tanks or supply lines

Heat Tracing for cold rooms & freezer doors
Unwanted build-up of ice and condensation?

Heat tracing solutions for cold rooms & freezer doors

Heaters, sensors, controllers for plastics processing
For the plastics & packaging industry

Heaters, hotrunners, sensors, control solutions.

Thermon Heat Tracing Control
Achieve meaningful energy savings

Thermon Heat Tracing Control

Steam Heat Tracing
Energy efficient, consistent results

Steam Trace: Tubing, components & compounds

Maintain optimum process temperatures
Maintain optimum process temperatures

of liquids, vessels, pipes, valves, gutters & instrument panels

Design, supply & installation: Heating of pipes, tanks, products & surfaces
Design, supply & installation

Heating of pipes, tanks, products & surfaces

process heating solutions by Thermon
Need the heat?

Boost your winter production with our process heating solutions.

Hopper Heaters
Prevent caking and clogging

Hopper Heaters

Flanged Heaters
Manufacture, refurbish & repair

Flanged Immersion Heaters

Infrared Heaters
Improve drying & curing processes

Infrared Heaters

Engineered to order

Thermal engineering, optimization & custom-designs

From trace heating & flanged heaters to elution heating systems & air- + IR heating systems for your specific application:

Our engineers are experienced industrial thermal system designs utilising various heating, temperature sensing and controlling technologies.

Calibration Services

SANAS, ISO and HACCP compliant calibration,qualification & validation

To help our clients meet international standards of health & environmental regulations, we operate an officially authorized calibration laboratory for temperature and humidity.

We are able to issue ISO conforming calibration certificates and our clients benefit from free annual calibration reminders.


Thermon designs & manufactures both steam tracing & electrical heat tracing systems for the application of external heat to pipes, tanks & instrumentation.

Today, we incorporate an extensive line of heating, measurement & control components - focusing on optimising the customer’s cost of ownership & plant efficiency.


Optimisation of heating processes & custom designs.

We provide both off the shelf products as well as complete heating solutions from feasibility to installation. Heating systems can be Ex & ASME compliant.


Design, engineering, technical support & calibrations.

Thermon SA engineers are accessible for consultation. Our team of technicians take care of all your repair & service requirements.

We offer SANAS accredited calibration services as well as validation & diagnostics.

Case Study

Trace heating: Bitumen storage, pipelines & road tankers
Bitumen processing: Temperature maintenance Asphalt/ bitumen is typically stored and transported at temperatures around 150°C. At ambient temperatures, bitumen has a solid or semi-solid consistency and


Flanged heaters (heater bundles) are designed and manufactured to client specification. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of large flanged heaters for:...


Copper mine in Zambia needs to maintain optimal viscosity of gear oils and lubricants of its fuel farm. Solution: Ex-e Immersion Heating System.


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